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Passbook Printer IBM 9068 A03

Kategori Passbook printer
Di lihat 1703 kali
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IBM 9068 A03IBM 9068 A03 2

Passbook Size(cover open w/o mag)

Horizontal Fold : 102mm-241 mm (W) X 99mm-210mm (L) max 1.8mm thickVertical Fold :127mm-241mm(W) X 99mm-210mm(L) max 1.8mm thick

Cutform Size

66mm-241mm(W) X 69mm-711mm(L) max 6 ply

Print Span

3mm to 238mm from left paper edge

Print Speed (10 cpi)

330cps (fast draft 48dpi) 260cps (standard 60dpi) 130cps (quality 120dpi)

Operating System

IBM DOS 5.0 or later, IBM OS/2 2.0 or later, Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0,Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000


IBM 4722, IBM ProPrinter X24, Olivetti PR2, others upon request

REMS (option)

F/2F, 210bpi, IBM 3600/4700, ISO, and DIN types(supported for bi-directional serial and USB attachment)

Document Alignment


Paper Thickness Adjust


Dimension & Weight

 380mm(W) X 313mm(D) X 185mm(H), 8.5kg(w/o REMS) 9.5kg(w/REMS)

Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp (Hubungi CS)